Our Story

The Homeland Park Fire Department was established in 1963 by the Anderson County Fire Protection  Commission . In 1963, the Fire Commission set out looking for people of the Homeland Park Community who wanted to make a difference, and who were fearless enough to fight fire. The community answered the noble call. Shortly after the original members were in place, Homeland Park adopted not only Anderson County’s image, but also an image that would be like no other. You see, Homeland Park has always been known for it's fearless attitude and uncanny ability to handle the call or any situation. For the present and future members, it will not be an easy task to maintain the honor, pride, and dignity in which this station was founded. Since day one of this station’s operations, the members have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into making this station what it is today. Their work has not been forgotten. Anywhere you go people notice an increased sense of pride in a Homeland Park Firefighter. So, if you have the time and willingness to be a part of one of the best fire departments in the upstate of South Carolina, come on down and walk in the boots of a Homeland Park “Heat Seeker”.

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